Incorporate modern science and tools into an organic growing program.

This will help us achieve the balance that nature intended in the growing cycle of plants. We strongly feel that balance can be obtained to the benefit of our planet and those plants and creatures who call it home.


Great Western Sales was formed in 2001 with the goal of providing an economically viable alternative to synthetic fertilizers and growing methods.

Great Western Sales & Distribution, LLC strives to incorporate modern science, equipment, and supplies into an economically viable organic based growing program that can be adapted to all facets of crop farming, tree, ornamental and turf production and maintenance.

We provide high quality, long lasting, and proven products and services to farmers and growers. We associate ourself with a network of reputable professionals from varying areas of the green industry.


Synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides have only been in widespread use since about WWII. For centuries before that farming was done organically. Synthetics, while increasing yields in the short term, have a negative affect on our environment. Long term use may pose danger to our soil, water supplies, and animal and human life.