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Because our Compost Tea Brewers are feature rich, they are capable of producing a high volume of quality Compost Tea in a very short time.

For gardners and commercial growers
We supply Compost Tea Brewers in many sizes, ranging from 30 to 500 gallons. Our brewers feature an electronic pump, internal water heater, temperature guage, high output internal oxygen diffuser, non-corrosive tank with funnel bottom for easy cleaning, and easy assembly with onsite technical help available.

Brewers come in the following sizes and include a tank water heater:
  30 gallon
  110 gallon
  200 gallon
  500 gallon

The extractor can produce up to 275 gallons of compost tea extraction in 15 minutes.
The finished product is directly related to the quality of the compost and tea catalyst going into the units. All the brewers and extractors have been tested for effectiveness by Soil Food Web Labs.