Organic Gem® Liquid Fish Fertilizer provides superior results for nurseries and garden centers

In numerous tests on trees and ornamentals, Organic Gem®:

  • Provided long lasting results with improvements in quality, color and overall health.
  • Reduced the need for other treatments, particularly pesticides.
  • Enhanced the microbial activity of the soil, providing for deeper rooting and better penetration of water and nutrients.
  • Provided greater resistance to pests.

Organic Gem® Saves an Orchard
In Stockton, California, we became aware of a fruit tree orchard that was barren. The owners planned to pull up the entire orchard and re-plant it. We treated the orchard with Hydrogen Peroxide and then inoculated with Organic GemĀ®. Noticeable results were seen in three weeks. In the end, 90% of the orchard was saved.

Organic Gem® Scored High in Nursery Field Trial
Organic GemĀ® was the clear winner in a "Time-of-Planting" fertilization treatment study conducted on Douglas Fir trees. In a private study conducted in Canada in 2001, 7 time-of-planting fertilization treatments were used on 7 rows of 50 trees each. The first year results, measured 5 months later, showed striking differences between the treatments. The report stated:

"The treatment levels of the fish based fertilizer . . . showed clearly positive results, with trees showing decreased signs of planting shock, increased height & caliper growth, and an extended growing season. The best results were achieved with the 30 & 60 ml fish based fertilizer treatments. Based on the results of this trial, the fish based fertilizers appear to provide superior first year growth results in planted trees when applied in the correct position and amount."