Organic Gem Liquid Fish Fertilizer provides superior results for hops growers

In field trials in Yakima hops fields, Organic Gem®:

  • Organic Gem is in on-going use as an inexpensive and effective treatment for mite control and the suppression of powdery mildew.
  • Reduces the need for other treatments, resulting in overall lower costs.
  • Provided better quality hops.
  • Experienced dramatic bio-stimulation of the soil.

We have thousands of acres of hops in the Yakima valley that have been fertilized with Organic Gem for over five years. Through aerial infrared photography, these growers were able to show that fields treated with Organic Gem had an increase in soil temperature of 1.5° Fahrenheit. A temperature increase of this magnitude indicates the dramatic bio-stimulating and composting effect of Organic Gem®.