Organic Gem® Liquid Fish Fertilizer provides superior results for golf and turf customers

For use on:

  • Greens, tees and fairways
  • Ornamental plantings

Organic Gem® will:

  • Increase green up
  • Increase resistance to disease and drought
  • Reduce dollar spot and related problems
  • Reduce algae blooms (will not run-off into ponds or waterways)
  • Enhance growth on sand-based soils

In numerous tests on golf course and turf surfaces, Organic Gem®:

  • Provided long lasting results with improvements in plant quality, color and overall health.
  • Reduced the need for other treatments, particularly pesticides, reducing overall maintenance costs.
  • Enhanced the microbial activity of the soil, providing for deeper rooting and better penetration of water and nutrients.
  • Provided greater resistance to pests.


A Work in Progress
by Anne Morris

Superintendent Magazine experiments with Organic Gem® at a young golf course

Eric Johnson believes that getting the soil into good shape can make a huge difference in how well golf course turf grows and how much, or how little, water it requires. Located in an area where drought is common, saving water is a mark of success.

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