Organic Gem Liquid Fish Fertilizer provides superior results for farmers and growers

In field tests across the country, Organic Gem®:

  • Significantly increased yields for a wide range of crops.
  • Reduced the need for other treatments, resulting in overall lower costs.
  • Provided better quality fruits and vegetables.
  • Use of Organic Gem has shown an across the board increase of plant health, which leads to a dramatic increase in resistance to pests and stress.
  • Depending on the crop, studies have shown an average increase in production of 20%.
  • Testing at the University of Massachusetts has shown that one can decrease normal fertilizer applications by 25 - 50% through using Organic Gem.

Some Facts To Consider About In-Organic Fertilizers:

  • In US farming areas, 22 percent of wells contain nitrate levels that exceed federal safety standards.
  • The tripling of grain production over the past 50 years has been accompanied by a 20-fold increase in nitrogen fertilizer use.
  • Every 28 years, 1 inch of topsoil is lost as a result of current farming practices - organic bio-intensive farming can produce 6 inches of topsoil in as little as 50 years - 60 times faster than the rate in nature.