Not just any fertilizer
Organic Gem® is a cold processed, enzymatic fresh fish fertilizer that works as an all-natural bio-stimulant. This product is different from anything on the market today due to both the raw material source and our patented processing method.

Organic Gem® Other Fish Fertilizers
Made from edible fish Made from "trash fish"
Fresh fish odor Offensive odor
Low temperature processed with naturally occuring marine enzymes Heated and boiled down to 50% concentration
No oils removed (high oil content 18-30%) Oils removed
No protein removed Protein meal removed
No chlorine Contains chlorine (used during process)
Best quality control (processed in a FDA approved facility) Lower quality control
Won't clog equipment Clogs equipment
Heat sensitive components such as hormones, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and proteins are left intact Heat sensitive components destroyed
Made with food grade phosphoric or citric acid (depending on desired formula) Made with low cost sufuric acid
Low or non-detectable heavy metal levels Made from river, lake, or estuary fish, which are exposed to high levels of pollutants
High trace mineral content of deep water ocean fish Low trace mineral content of lake or estuary fish