Organic Gem® is the best fertilizer/bio-stimulant available today. Here's why:

  1. Organic Gem contains N-P-K and much more: essentials like vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes and growth hormones, all so vital for optimum plant health and growth.
  2. Organic Gem promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that make the soil less compact resulting in better drainage.
  3. Organic Gem is totally organic (100%), so it will not burn plants or roots, or pollute the environment.
  4. Organic Gem increases health of flowering plants making blooms more plentiful and longer lasting.
  5. Organic Gem in made with only fresh fish, minimizing offensive odors.
  6. Organic Gem is produced in an FDA inspected plant, with a unique low temperature process that protects the vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and other natural nutrients, leaving them undamaged by temperatures and readily available to the plant.
  7. Organic Gem works as an outstanding compost enhancer that builds micro-organisms. University studies have reported usable compost in half the normal time.
  8. Organic Gem has been proven, in university studies, to outperform 10-10-10 chemical fertilizers.
  9. Organic Gem is filtered through a 100 mesh screen, and then through a 150 micron screen, before packaging. This prevents clogging of sprayers and other equipment.
  10. Organic Gem, unlike solubles or emulsions, has removed none of the oil or meal from the fish. This stabilizes the product, in the soil, so that it remains available to the plant when needed.
  11. Organic Gem builds sugars in the plant. Sugars make plants healthier and less susceptible to fungi, disease and insect damage. It also makes fruits, vegetables and herbs taste better and extends shelf life.
  12. Organic Gem protects sprayed crops from deer damage (according to farmers using the product, after heavy deer damage in prior years).
  13. Organic Gem can be better utilized by the plant on the day of application because the minerals and trace elements found in the macro-micro nutrients of the fish are all chelated.
  14. Organic Gem is the ideal food source for microbial activity in the soil and delivers the necessary energy to stimulate the soil eco-system.
  15. Organic Gem is a bio-fertilizer: its many amino acids conserve the plant's energy, which can then be redirected into other processes. The result? A healthy and efficient plant that can withstand both stress and the onslaught of disease.
  16. Organic Gem (OMRI Listed) is, quite simply, the best fertilizer available.